Most of us have grown up to put celebrities on a pedestal so to speak. We grow up believing that celebrities have got to be good people. In fact it is normal to think that if celebrities are very successful and famous, they should be happy and kind. However this is not always the case. There are unfortunately some very mean celebrities out there. It is very disappointing to find this out, as it would be wonderful to think that all celebrities are good people.

What people fail to understand in most cases is that celebrities are still human at the end of the day. Humans are not perfect and there are good humans in the world and bad humans.The very same concept can be true of celebrities. There are unfortunately some mean celebrities who are not even kind to their fans. This is very upsetting because without their fans they would not be famous or successful so one would think that they should be more appreciative to the people who have helped them become who they are today.

Many celebrities become mean celebrities after becoming famous.They get arrogant and forget about where they came from and how they started. There are many mean celebrities that we read about all the time, who treat people in the service industry badly. They treat people around them very badly and make all sorts of commands. However this should not upset you too much as there are always the other side of the coin. There are celebrities who are really kind and wonderful people who treat everybody with respect and dignity. Not every single celebrity is a bad person or pretentious just because they have become famous. There are some wonderful celebrities who really care about the people around them. It is important to remember that the role a celebrity plays in a movie or a series is not a reflection of who they are in the real world.