There is no denying in the fact that TV shows can really be addictive. It is not uncommon for people to watch episode after episode in a row. In fact TV shows have become so addictive lately that the view ratings have gone through the roof. There are so many fun and entertaining TV shows that it is almost impossible at times to decide what to watch. People of all ages from all walks of life love watching their shows. Most of the shows are so popular that they have huge fan bases and insane social media engagement.

Although it is debatable what the best tv shows of the decade may be, there are some which area really worth mentioning. Regardless of if you like zombie shows or not, there is no disputing that one of the best tv shows of the decade has got to be The Walking Dead. If you look at the fans, the ratings and how many people across the world watch it, it is certainly a winner. Another one of the best tv shows of the decade has got to be Game of Thrones, it is watched all over the world by practically everyone. It is more than likely one of the most spoken about shows of all time, and it has fans of all ages and all genders from all over the world.

One can not simply mention the best tv shows of the decade without talking about

Breaking Bad, which hit box office records. Even though it took a unique approach it really did gain popularity and viewership in a very big way. Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards and Westworld have also been equally as popular. Each show is completely unique but the characters and story lines have greatly intrigued and excited people all over the world.